SPECIALTY SERUMS: High Potency Solutions

Moisturizers alone just can’t compare. The actives found in our specialty serums have been extensively tested and are used in optimal amounts to achieve serious improvements for your skin. At Elizabeth Renee Esthetics we make sure to include a sophisticated delivery system, so those precious actives can get deep into your skin where they can be most effective for things like exfoliating, stimulating cell metabolism, collagen repair and antioxidant protection.   This is what separates the so-so serums from a truly great treatment product.

A botanically based brightening serum that softens pigmentation as it boosts collagen, important for skin firmness.


C and E best sellerC & E Antioxidant Serum
The essential antioxidant day serum for defending skin against environmental aging.


259cc591-d29c-458a-bbb2-44c0999fc988Environmental Protection
Provides a breathable protective barrier to keep out dry air and hold in moisture when for skin exposed to in cold or arid climates.


IMG_1632FijiGirl Facial Oil
Need to step up your moisturizer’s emollient properties?


Hydraessence BESTHydraessence
Intensive, oil free hydration to plump thirsty skin cells.


Peptide Firming SerumPeptide Firming Serum
Conditions, tones and firms through with state-of-the-art peptides.


20b9954b-4df1-4c79-b67d-89e47b4cc4a4Revitalize Cell Therapy
Unsurpassed technology using avant-garde anti-aging actives to awaken sleepy stem cells & revitalize your skin.

UntitledZen Zone
Patented skin soothing Sepicalm blends with water lily extracts, seawhip and other skin balancing actives to calm and strengthen sensitive skin.

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