TONERS: Why They’re Important

Toners can be overlooked, but they are an imperative part of an effective cleansing routine. Besides clearing the skin of leftover cleanser and balancing the skin’s pH, I strongly believe the most compelling reason for using a toner is because it removes the residue left on your skin after washing with tap water. Most tap water is loaded with fluoride, chlorine, sodium and bacteria. Left on the skin, these impurities dull the skin, clog the pores, can cause sensitivity and prevents those precious actives in your serum or moisturizer from getting deep into your skin and doing there magic. At Elizabeth Renee we have collection of non-drying, alcohol free toners, which are blessed with a few wonderful actives of their own.

AloemistAloemist Toner
Removes impurities while delivering aloe rich soothing hydration.


Bioflavonoid TonerBioflavonoid Toner
Vitamin C rich, it helps repair combination skin prone to redness or breakouts.


Brightening Tonic This boost of Vitamin C antioxidants cuts excess oil and refreshes your skin while softening pigmentation and reducing blackhead formation.


IMG_0924Chamazulene Mist
Chamomile and Azulene combine to sooth dry, dehydrated skin that tends to be sensitive or over-reactive.


Clarifying Toner 400Clarifying Toner
Salicylic Acid exfoliates to clear the pores, cut excess oil and kills acne causing bacteria while it completes the cleansing process.


Ginseng Tea 400Ginseng Tea Facial Rinse
Ginseng botanicals stimulate healthy circulation to nourish and brighten dull, dry dehydrated skin.


IMG_0523Moisture Surge
Maximum hydration in this gel based, skin drenching toner provides hydration for extremely dry, parched skin.


Ocean Mineral Mist
Healing minerals from the sea soothe, hydrate and remineralizes tight, dry, flaky skin.


Stress Recovery Spray
Helps to heal, strengthen and calm red, inflamed or stressed problem skin types .

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