Skin Types

What’s Your Skin Type?

To achieve your best complexion possible you must first define what makes your skin unique from others. Elizabeth Renee Esthetics has developed an easy system, offering 16 skin types.  Knowing your correct skin type allows you to choose perfectly suited products and treatments that will offer beautiful results.

Take a moment to define which skin type most closely resembles your own. With just a click, you’re on your way towards “complexion perfection”.


Skin Type D1

Over time your skin’s has felt the effects of too much sun. Metabolism has slowed down resulting in tired skin with an impaired repair system that doesn’t allow for proper cell renewal. As a result your skin has developed a dull, leathery look. Don’t despair. Start focusing on deep exfoliating spa treatments like our Bio-Brasion Smoothing Facial to renew and refresh your skin. Boost exfoliation at home with time tested ingredients like Retinol, Vitamin C and specialized AHAs that smooth texture and improve uneven pigmentation. Choose energizing botanicals like rosemary and ginseng to boost circulation. And, make sure to include state-of-the-art skin rejuvenation ingredients that help wake up sleepy stem cells. Soon your skin will regain freshness and a smooth even texture with less noticeable lines and wrinkles.

Skin Type D2

Your sensitive skin reacts to products that are too drying or too harsh. This skin type requires gentle formulations to promote healing and help repair your skin’s protective lipid barrier. In-Spa, consider a LED Photo Facial which harness ATP (energy) within skin cells and jump-starts the healing process. Carefully choose soothing botanicals, including Chamomile, Licorice Root and Azulene for a calming effect. Antioxidants from seaweed, superfoods, Vitamins C &E and DMAE are all anti-inflammatory ingredients that protect skin and boost cell integrity. Specialized peptides are also important as anti-aging ingredients that provide skin-strengthening amino acids. These build collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which are essential for keeping skin strong, calm and healthy and toned.

Skin Type D3

You inherited good skin, but over time it’s become a drier and a bit more sensitive. You may have some uneven pigmentation or fine lines from past sun indiscretions. When exposed to harsh chemicals your skin feels tight and uncomfortable, so keep it gentle. Focus on super hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Boost cell turnover with regular exfoliation choosing gentler AHAs like lactic acid which also promotes hydration. Improve your protective barrier function by supplying lipid-rich ingredients that your skin may be lacking. Support skin firmness by introducing serums containing bioactive peptides. These brighten, firm and protect your skin from environmental agers. For a deeply hydrating treatment try a Bio-lift Revitalizing Facial to reinforce skin health and promote a plumper, smoother, ageless skin.

Skin Type D4

You’ve inherited a dry skin with a beautiful porcelain texture.  But, over the years your skin has become thinner and more delicate. Start protecting it now by adding soothing and emollient essential fatty acids to your regime. Lipid-rich Borage Seed and Evening Primrose Oils not only protect your skin by reinforcing it’s barrier function but are extremely soothing. Hydrolyzed Algins introduced deep into your skin provides a revitalizing environment that awakens skin’s dormant stem cells to repair and activate a youthful firmness. The Cell Youth Facial In-Spa, uses stem cell stimulators to allow maximum performance through deep penetration via microcurrent. These are essential ingredients for an effective regime to soften lines, smooths skin and offers incredible hydration.


Skin Type N1

Your skin may be somewhat dry, but mostly you notice that it just looks tired. This is due in part to past sun indiscretions, plus decreased circulation, which limits the supply of nutrients, moisture and oxygen. Daily exfoliation with AHAs, Retinol and a smooth surfaced scrub are essential skin correctors. Bioactive Peptides promote skin-firming collagen. Energizing ingredients like Rosemary and Ginseng boosts circulation. In-Spa, consider a Bio-Brasion Brightening Facial. It is exceptional for instantly retexturizing the skin. Inquire about Microchanneling. This treatment employs stem cell stimulators (cytokines and growth factors) with unsurpassed collagen firming capabilities. From the very first treatment your skin starts to look smoother, firmer and brighter.

Skin Type N2

Because your skin is sensitive, whether you’re most concerned about lines, firmness, or hyper-pigmentation your first priority should be to calm your sensitivity first. Long-term inflammation strongly contributes to aging when left unchecked. Start by choosing very gentle products that include soothing ingredients like Seawhip, Licorice Root and Azulene. Avoid irritants both in products and in your diet. In-Spa, support your skin with a nutrient boosting Oxygen Infusion Facial.  LED Light Treatments promote healing by harnessing energy in cells to prompt the skin to repair and strengthening. Cold Fusion Masques contain epidermal growth factors that re-energize, strengthen and hydrate your skin. At the end of a facial your skin should feel calm, cool, comfortable and refreshed.  

Skin Type N3

You have been blessed with healthy skin. Your focus should be to keep it in balance. That means regular exfoliation, continual hydration, feeding your skin with proper nutrients and most importantly, protecting your skin from the damaging rays of the sun.  Consider modifying your products to keep your skin in homeostasis (a healthy mode). Products that are too strong or overly drying will upset this balance. Products, which are too rich, will eventually clog your pores. Hyaluronic Acid is one great ingredient to provide oil free hydration to your skin. Cleansers should not foam or contain drying sulfates. In-spa, regular Seaweed Hydration Facials keep skin in healthy and well hydrated. Advice from an expert esthetician is the best way to ensure beautiful healthy skin for years to come.

Skin Type N4

Combination skin needs to focus on achieving and maintaining balance. You must consider both the oily and dry nature of your skin. If it feels dry, it’s probably due more dehydration than lack of oil. This means careful consideration for how you wash your face. Choose effective cleansers that are light in texture but omit moisture-robbing detergents like sulfates. Your best bet is to use a gel cleanser in the morning and a milk at night. Remove drying impurities found in tap water by following up cleansing with an alcohol free toner every time you wash your face. Add a moisturizer that employs effective oil free humectants like hyaluronic acid, or oil balancing ingredients, like farnesol. An Oxygen Infusion Facial with a Blueberry Peel will help nourish and balance your skin while allotting enough time for effective pore clearing extractions. Your esthetician will direct you towards effective products as well as life style habits to help you achieve a lovely, beautiful and well hydrated skin.


Skin Type O1

Thicker, oily skin must learn to manage oil while avoiding stripping the skin. This prevents hardening oil in the pores, which is a major cause of blackheads and whiteheads for this skin type. A mint based, detergent free cleanser perks up circulation, and provides nutrients and oxygen that will breathe life back into your skin. Alternating between Retinol with AHAs not only clears pores but minimizes breakouts.  Using Vitamin C daily along with regular use of sunscreen helps correct that leathery look. Don’t forget to hydrate your oily skin. Humectants like hyaluronic acid provide great oil free hydration. In-Spa, a POWER PEEL FACIAL (with microdermabrasion) is fantastic for retexturizing even the most resistant skin types. Follow these steps and you are on your way to creating smoother, fresher skin, with less visible lines and increased firmness.

Skin Type O2

Your sensitive oily skin is very reactive. It gets red easily, mostly through the cheeks, nose and forehead.  If you have what appears to be red, inflamed blemishes it might not be acne but a type of rosacea.  Using acne products may only serve to further exacerbate this problem. With or without blemishes it’s time to focus on calming and soothing your skin. As you strengthen your skin it will become healthier and be able to defend itself against reactions. Your skin’s protective barrier is compromised and may be depleted of antioxidants. Calming ingredients to look for include Seawhip, Licorice Root and Green Tea Extract along with and Azulene and White Lotus Extract for taking down redness. In-Spa treatments should include BLUE LIGHT LED FACIALS for Sensitive Skin. An OXYGEN SPRAY and a Silver Solution antibacterial masque will calm and reduce irritating bacteria.

Skin Type O3

You’ve inherited an oily skin. Just because it’s oily doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautifully healthy complexion. You just need to learn a few tricks to keep it in balance. Carefully chosen products that support your skin type will leave your skin looking fresh and radiant. It requires a careful blending of non-drying, pore-clearing exfoliants with hydrating anti-aging antioxidants and skin-brightening botanicals. Learn to combine keratolytics (glycolic and salicylic acid) with physical exfoliants such as a smooth surfaced scrub. This type of scrub avoids lacerations to the skin that invite bacteria and potential breakouts. Try aloe vera based products to keep skin hydrated without clogging the pores, stable Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Salicylic Acid will reveal clear, healthy and radiant skin with fewer visible lines and wrinkles. In-Spa you might try a VITAMIN C ANTIOXIDANT FACIAL to help clear brighten and refresh your skin.

Skin Type O4

You have thicker oily skin, which requires diligent exfoliation to re-texturize and stimulate anti-aging repair. Introducing keratolytics (glycolic and salicylic acid) will clear pores and minimizes blemishes.  Retinols will reorganize layers of cells to reflect a more even look as well as stimulate anti-aging, skin-firming collagen. With proper care your skin will become fresher and regain it’s vital, radiant glow. Try cleansers that brighten and refine skin’s texture or mint extracts to perk up circulation for a healthier look. Keep all products oil free but be careful not to over dry your skin. Combining retinols, AHAs and a physical scrub for home care is your best bet. The best scrub for your skin type use varying size particles for more effective exfoliation. Sun Protection is super important, but you should use a formula that includes enzymes to keep the pores clear. The best In-Spa treatments combine MICRODERMABRASION with a light brightening peel.  This will result in a smoother, more refined texture and a fresher look to your skin.


Skin Type P1

This type of problem skin has many non-inflamed clogged pores that present themselves as blackheads and whiteheads but with a few inflamed blemishes. You may feel either oily or dry.  In either case the sebum in your pores needs softening for effective extractions. Hydrating products are often overlooked, but as the skin becomes more keratinized (hardened) it’s becomes even more difficult to clean. Gentle, regular exfoliation is needed, both on the skin’s surface as well as deep in the pores.  Glycolic Acid, with its small molecular structure, is the deepest penetrating AHA. Combine this with an exfoliating scrub with varying sized particles to improve its effectiveness. Detoxifying charcoal based masks can also be helpful for drawing out impurities. A REDEFINING SKIN FACIAL includes a peel and ultrasound exfoliation to facilitate easier cleansing. Your esthetician can advise you as to dietary changes that can be helpful in changing the consistency of your sebum. Facials are recommended every four weeks to keep pores clean.

Skin Type P2

Your sensitive skin is prone to inflamed hormonal breakouts, usually in the lower portions of the face. Most acne regimes are not formulated to meet the needs of your skin type. They only serve to irritate and further instigate more breakouts. Your focus should be to calm inflammation first. Your esthetician will employ soothing anti-bacterial facials like an LED PHOTO FACIAL, which uses both the blue light for reducing bacteria and the red light for strengthening and healing. Home care will offer a gentler regime including an antibacterial masque created just for rosacea-prone or acne-prone skin that is red, dehydrated and uncomfortable. The goal of these treatments and products is to calm & ease redness, purify the pores, increase hydration, and boost skin’s own healing defenses.

Skin Type P3

You have inherited oily acne prone skin. This means you have a type of sebum that sticks together with dead skin cells that creates plugs deep within the pores. These are called microcomedones. An overabundance of bacteria feed off of this sebum, eventually causing inflammation and breakouts. Your skin requires diligent use of keratolytics to clear the pores (Glycolic and Salicylic Acids) and anti-bacterial protocols to reduce blemishing.  Our PROBLEM SKIN FACIAL with a SALICYLIC PEEL (20 or 35% depending on your skin’s sensitivity) focuses on desincrustation to soften oil, extraction to clear the pores and our anti-bacterial masque to dissolve dead cells and limit bacteria. Combine this with personalized home care using the same key ingredients for maximum results.

Skin Type P4

If you have inherited cystic acne you should consult with a dermatologist as this is considered a medical condition. However, your esthetician can be of great value in enhancing dermatological results by performing regular PURIFYING PROBLEM SKIN FACIALS, These facial treatments help dislodge dead cells, bacteria and sebum from clogged pores and pustules. Thus, promoting faster healing and reducing post blemish marks. Dull, thick problem skin with multiple issues needs to focus on detoxification, calming and pore clearing. Often this type of skin leads to deep nodules or cysts. The problem may originate internally where medical intervention is required or from environmental, cosmetic or lifestyle factors. Your esthetician can guide you to the best anti-bacterial protocol to clear your skin. The Problem Skin Facial allows enough time for effective extractions performed after an oil liquefying desincrustation treatment and antibacterial Salicylic Peel.